6 Unexpected Benefits of Sewing

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

In honor of September being National Sewing Month, I decided to put together a list of 6 unexpected benefits of sewing!

I have always found ways to incorporate sewing into different aspects of my life, so I thought it would be interesting to put together a list of unexpected ways that sewing can benefit different aspects of your life.

1. Improved hand eye coordination

This one seems like a no brainer. Manipulating fabric, using measuring tools, and getting that thread through the eye of a needle on the first try are all examples of the way coordination is valuable while sewing.

At first, something like threading a needle may seem extremely challenging and I know I used to reach for that little needle threader that comes with a pack of needles. But, as you continue to sew and practice, your hand eye coordination will improve and something as daunting as threading a needle will become easier and maybe even second nature.

2. Stress Relief

I believe there is a huge mindfulness and meditative aspect to sewing. As you get more and more comfortable using the machine, the repetitive motion of the needle, and guiding the fabric through the machine allows you to focus on the motion and clear your mind. It is also hard to sew if you're not paying attention, so if you're focused on your sewing task, there is little room for competing thoughts.

I know that when I am sewing, I am much calmer and seem more relaxed. While focusing on the stitches and the machine, or accurately measuring fabric/garments, I often find that hours go by before I realize what time it is.

It is also a major help that I have my own studio space dedicated to my work. Check out this post for a quick tour!

3. Originality/Personal Style

Once you get comfortable with sewing, the possibilities are really endless. You have the ability to design and create garments and anything that comes to mind, that no one else can buy. Or, you can buy clothes from a store and alter them to add your own personal flair, or alter them to fit them they way you prefer.

4. Environmental Impact

This is a huge one. In the age of fast (disposable) fashion, stores update their latest trends on a bi weekly basis. This has extreme adverse effects on the environment. Increased change of styles means increased production, increased shipping, and everything that comes with that.

Knowing how to sew allows you to mend garments or make your own that you will cherish and want to hang onto for a long time. Being able to sew allows you to fix tears in linings, replace zippers and buttons, or anything in between instead of trashing the garment and going out and buying a new one to replace it. Plus, wouldn't you love to be able to fix that garment that you've had for years that you always get compliments on and just cannot get rid of?

Another great vehicle for sewing and environmental impact is upcycling. This is great for clothes you no longer wear, and instead of throwing them away, perhaps you can turn them into something else. (Check out this post to see how I turned regular blue jeans into a denim jacket.) This extends the life of the original garment by creating a different use for it, instead of it ending up in a mountain of trash.

5. Saving Money

This benefit has been attracting me to sewing for years and years. A major aspect of sewing your own garments is that you can "knock off" designer pieces that you might not be able to afford otherwise. Now this is all well and good if you're making it for yourself, just don't knock off designer goods and sell them, that's kind of illegal.

This benefit also sort of goes hand in hand with the reasons behind environmental impact. For one, being able to mend your clothes makes them last longer, which in turn means you don't have to go out and replace it right away.

The same goes with being able to alter your clothes. Sometimes I find myself going straight to the sale rack at a store, and I might find the cutest dress ever for so cheap, but its a size too big. No problem! I can just take it in! Or in another instance, I might find another dress at a store and the zipper is coming free from the seam. In this case, I can get a discount for the damaged merchandise, and just re-sew the zipper back into the seam. You'd never know there was ever an issue.

6. Self Esteem/Sense of Accomplishment

This one is a favorite. Growing up, it was so much fun to make a skirt or something and show it off at school the next day. Someone would stop me and say, "That skirt is so cute!" and I would get to say "Thanks I made it!" The look on people's faces after I would say that was the best. It was so awesome to do something I enjoyed so much, that other people admired. I also loved when people couldn't believe I made something because then I knew if they couldn't tell I made it, then I did a fantastic job at sewing it and making it look store bought.

I have a few girls that come to me for sewing lessons and I feel like I get to experience this feeling all over again through their makes. I get to coach them through the beginning stages of understanding techniques and get to witness the excitement and ambition for more once something clicks with them or a project is completed.

Can you think of another benefit of sewing? Comment below!


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