A New Day, A New Venture

Okay here it goes...

I have been apprehensive about doing this for a very long time... Like a VERY long time... Years...

Growing up, I was always really into crafting, so started taking sewing classes when I was in 5th grade and the rest is history.

I'm 22 now, have an Associate's Degree in Fashion Design and pursuing a BA in Textile Development and Marketing from FIT all while running my own alterations and design business, Danielle Amato Apparel, LLC.

After 11 years of Google-ing and Youtube-ing my way through any and every sewing tutorial that crossed my path, I have finally built up the courage to start my own sewing blog where I will post sewing tutorials and highlight my past and latest projects.

I have been posting my work and gaining a following through Facebook and Instagram, but I have been dreaming about creating a place where they can both come together that highlights each different aspect of my business, my latest projects, and ideas.


A peek into my studio space

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