A Peek Inside My Sewing Studio

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

I am really beyond lucky (and grateful) to have an entire room in my house that I have taken over as I found my love of sewing, and now more recently, for my growing business.

It really makes a difference to be able to have a designated space for my machines, cutting table, and other supplies. This way, I don't have to worry about packing things up after I'm finished, or having to unpack everything before I begin.

Fortunately, I have never experienced the dread of unpacking/packing up supplies and equipment, but it seems like it would totally add a chore aspect to something that I enjoy and is a hobby turned lifestyle and career. I don't need to add any more chores to the list, ya know?

When I started my alterations and design business, it was always sort of funny to see people's reactions when I would show them my workspace. Having people come to my home for alterations, there always seemed to be this underlying feeling that perhaps I was going to pull my sewing machine out from under my bed or something. Having a designated room, that also happens to be right by the front door, has made all the difference for both professionalism and also privacy, where people can come in and change in the studio space while I hang out in the hallway.

Hearing people's reactions to my studio space is really refreshing for me because I am so used to having it and I forget how cool it is. I've been sewing since I was in 5th grade, so I've had this room as my creative outlet for half my life now.

The room started out as a playroom for my brother and I. My brother is 6 years older than me, so by the time I started sewing in 5th grade, he was already not hanging out with me in the playroom so much anymore.

Super awesome shelves my brother made me

Even though my brother stopped hanging out with me in our playroom (we hang out elsewhere), we have a really close relationship.

He made me a ton of furniture in my studio like these shelves.

I came home one day and I walked in, and suddenly they were there. I was super surprised and excited because I desperately needed more shelf space.

He also made me this spool holder when he was in college. He was in school for Technology Education and had a welding class and this is what he made for one of his projects. I've had it for probably 6-8 years now and recently turned the outline of the machine above the spools into my first tattoo.

This room is really where I spend most of my time, whether I'm working or just hanging out. The room is also equipped with a big comfy couch and tv so basically there's no reason to ever leave.

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