Adding Appliqué to a Sweatshirt

For the passed year, I have been absolutely loving my Skyline S9. This week I finally decided to get into the appliqué side of what this machine can do. Thanks to the help of Janome's Artistic Digitizer, this was such an easy and fun way to update an old crewneck.

Creating the Applique File

The first thing I did, was type out the word I wanted on my sweatshirt, into the Artistic Digitizer software. Because who doesn't love coffee enough to put it on your sweatshirt?

After I typed out the word, I picked the font that I liked and I curved it to look more like collegiate lettering.

Since my hoop is only 5.5" wide, I have to resize my image to be the width that I want on the chest of the sweatshirt. Once I sized the full image to how big I want it on the sweatshirt, I split the design in half and put it on two separate hoop files. When I go to appliqué the sweatshirt, I will do the first half of the word, and then re-hoop the sweatshirt and do the second half of the word (more on this later)

Once I do that, I go over to the side bar under "Fill" and select "Applique". I also select "Fix Satin" to give that satin edged look around the letters. You will now see that the letters changed from a complete satin fill, to the look of fabric with sating stitching around the letters. I can now send the files over to my machine.

Hooping the Sweatshirt

First, I marked 3" down from the neck band, made a cross mark. Folding the sweatshirt in half, matching shoulders, I found the center front line and marked. These marks will be the guidelines for when I hoop the sweatshirt.

The first step in the appliqué file will outline the placement of the appliqué. Once this is stitched out, you can then place the fabric you would like on top of it. Make sure that the fabric piece is larger than the outline.

Once your fabric is placed, the next step is to tack down the fabric.

Once the fabric is tacked down, carefully cut the excess fabric as close to the stitching line as you can.

After this, the next step for the machine is to create the satin edge.

This process will repeat for each letter.

After I finished the first half of the word, I re-hooped the sweatshirt and repeated this process for the second half.

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