Caroline's Custom Cold Shoulder Jacket

Caroline came by my studio a few weeks ago for us to catch up and have a little business meeting. She was going through some of my pieces and came across my Denim Cold Shoulder jacket that I made 2 years ago, which she swears I never showed her. She instantly put it on and was obsessed. After looking at herself in the mirror at every possible angle, she looked at me and asked if I would make one in all black. That was an easy one to answer.

Like the original blue denim one, both jackets are made from recycled jeans. All of the other recycled denim pieces that I have made were with classic blue denim, so I was excited to work with black denim and was eager to see how it would turn out. I am definitely happy with the result.

The big reveal was on Wednesday. We met up with each other in Chelsea and had a mini photo shoot, of course. Not only am I a fashion designer, but also an impromptu photographer. Safe to say we had a lot of fun.


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