Decorative Stitching to Patch Denim

I do love distressed denim (and denim of all kinds). While on purpose or not, rips and holes in jeans add interest to a garment. Distressed denim can even be spruced up by adding different kinds of patches, and even embroidery. In this post, I will be showing you how I used decorative stitching on my Janome Skyline S7 to not only fix a tear in my denim shorts, but give them new life.


-Scrap fabric for patch

-Regular thread or embroidery thread

- Janome Skyline S7

I cut a piece of fabric that is 1" wider than the hole, and twice the height (+1") so that I can fold the fabric and have the fold be at the edge of the shorts, so I didn't have to hem the lace.

I folded the fabric in half, and lined it up with the bottom edge of the shorts. I pinned I in place and made sure the fabric was laying flat underneath the denim.

I chose decorative stitch number 16 and began sewing. Since I am sewing on a curve, I was sure to pivot frequently to stay in line with the curve.

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