FabScrap and Sustainable Fashion

I really wanted to talk about an awesome non profit organization known as FabScrap.

This organization is changing the game by collecting leftover fabrics from designers, and selling them at thrift store prices.

The FabScrap Shop W 26th St, Chelsea

Last week was Sustainability Awareness Week at FIT. During this time, FIT held different events, workshops, and discussions based on the latest innovations in sustainability and sustainable fashion. FabScrap was one of the major organizations that was represented.

As a global fashion capital, New York is the place that generates an endless supply of fashion and inspiration. But what most don't see is the collection of old samples, fabric scraps and other leftover materials and waste. As someone who has seen the inside of fashion offices, I have seen the not so glamorous side of the accumulation of sample garments, and unused fabric yardage. These items will sit in the background until their fateful day when they are finally thrown away. What could possibly be done to change this end result that so many fashion companies are far too familiar with?

Enter Jessica Schreiber, founder of FabScrap. Prior to FabScrap, Jessica was a Senior Manager in the Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability for the New York City Department of Sanitation. Jessica saw this void that existed for textile waste and found a way to change the game. Materials that traditionally would have gone to landfill are now being properly recycled and made available for reuse.

At their 4,100 square foot warehouse in Brooklyn, materials are sorted by volunteers to separate what is recyclable and what is reusable. Fabric that is recyclable is shredded down, and fabric that is reusable, is sold at dollar store prices.

With the recent opening of the FabScrap Shop in Chelsea, it is even easier to get your hands on designer fabrics. The store is organized, and quite simply laid out, which makes it super easy to scan over their stock. There's also an online store!!

The fabric is sorted by content, and those with enough yardage are rolled up as if they are on bolts, and those with only small cuts left are folded neatly in cubbies. In my opinion, this set up makes me want to touch everything and grab as much as I can and start sewing. I definitely had to contain myself.

Walking through the store, it is crazy to think that if not for FabScrap, these beautiful textiles would be gone forever in a landfill somewhere. There is absolutely no reason for that, and things are changing.

FabScrap is the perfect place for environmentally conscious designers, artists, and makers looking to get their hands on high quality textiles at a fraction of the cost, all while having the peace of mind that their choice to shop here is making a difference.


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