Getting to Know the Janome Skyline S9

With all of this SEWcial distancing going on, it is the perfect time to play with a new sewing machine, don't ya think?

I never had a sewing machine that also has an awesome embroidery function before. Enter the Janome Skyline S9.

Every time I heard the UPS truck the past few days, I would be glued to the window in hopes that it would finally be the day that the S9 would be delivered.

The day finally came, and I am so thrilled to see everything that this machine can do. This machine is similar to the Janome Skyline S7, but the S9 has the ability to switch over to an embroidery machine with the embroidery unit attachment.

I gave myself the time yesterday to unpack everything and play with the machine to see how the embroidery function works. It. Is. COOL.

The S9 comes with a ton of cool accessories. The embroidery unit even comes with its own cute canvas case for storage when I am using the regular sewing function.

It comes with 3 different sized embroidery hoops, and even 24 different feet! I will be BUSY.

For my first project, I took a photo of something one of my best friends gave me, (Hi Gabbi!) and reduced the colors with my iPad to the number of colors I wanted to use. Then, I airdropped the file from my iPad into the Artistic Digitizer software. Once I had the dimensions the way I wanted, I was able to transfer the design to the S9 with WiFi!!!! I didn't have to plug my laptop into the S9 or anything (you do have this ability if you really want to, but why would you when you can have it magically appear without having to do anything?)

I am so impressed with this machine and I can't wait to make ALL of the things.

Have a great idea for an embroidery design? Please comment below or feel free to contact me!


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