Karl Llamafeld: The Latest Patch in the Collection

I was scrolling through Instagram stories and I came across one of my friends from FIT, who is a textile designer and all around amazing artist. (@thomasmclaughlindesigns) He was showing a painting he made for a online paint along.

As soon as I saw this llama, I was in love. Since I just got the Skyline S9, and have the ability to turn pretty much anything into an embroidery design, I messaged Tommie asking if I could turn the llama into a patch.

While we were texting each other, Tommie realized he astonishingly resembles Karl Lagerfeld. So the name Karl Llamafeld was born.

To create the file for the embroidery, I traced over Tommie's original painting, reducing the colors to the amount of colors of thread I will use. Then, I open the file in the Artistic Digitizer to make sure the dimensions and everything look good, and then I WiFi import it to my sewing machine (still not over that part!).

I even love how the simple vector version came out. I made two of Karl Llamafeld, and mailed Tommie one yesterday.


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