Lightly Salted Zipper Pouch & Free Download

What's better than up-cycling an old pair of jeans into a zipper pouch? Maybe adding a cute saying to complete the look!

I absolutely love coming up with new embroidery designs with my Janome Skyline S9. I needed to make a quick and easy zipper pouch to hold some of my beach essentials and thought of a clever saying to go with it. Download my embroidery file here.

Below I will walk you through how I hooped my denim fabric to complete the design.

The Lightly Salted motif has finished measurements of about 4.25"x7.75". I centered the motif on one side of my zipper pouch and used a decorative stitch on the Skyline S9 instead of traditional seams. I used bleached muslin as my embroidery stabilizer. I have found this to be a nice alternative to traditional stabilizers for this project.

- I used the RE20a hoop for this design

- Cut a piece of muslin that is about 2"-3" wider and longer than the hoop size. Make sure that once it its in place, that the fabric is pulled tight as a drum when you tap on the fabric.

- I cut a piece of denim from an old pair of jeans that is about 9"x12"

- I marked the center of the denim to help center it to the hoop properly.

- Use the plastic hoop guide that comes with your Skyline S9 to ensure that the denim is lined up properly. Be sure to pin the denim in place to the muslin.

-There is a total of 6 colors in this design. While this designed is colored in this way, feel free to change up the colors to any sequence that you like! I'd love to see your creations, please be sure to tag me on instagram @danielleamatoapparel


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