Mini Denim Backpack to Remember

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

This is a very special story that I will hold close to me throughout my career.

As some of you may know, I make these mini backpacks out of recycled jeans. I was approached by someone after he saw my listing for my mini denim backpacks. He asked me if they are made to order, which they are, and if he could send me a pair of jeans for me to use. I told him that I would love to do that and I asked what size the jeans are to ensure there would be enough fabric to create the backpack. He replied back to me that they were his dad’s jeans who passed away.

Knowing a little more about where the jeans were coming from made this more special for me because I started making these backpacks out of denim because I started stock piling jeans from my dad who is a truck driver and often rips his jeans getting in and out of the Mack trucks.

I expressed this to him and the feeling and connection was mutual. As I was getting ready to mail the backpack, I asked him if there is a more personal story behind this specific pair of jeans and if I would have permission to post about this project.

He told me that this pair of jeans were his father’s favorite pair that he wore all the time and happened to be wearing when he passed. His father passed when he was 13 and is now 27 and has held onto them ever since.

Upon finding my backpack listing, it gave him the idea to turn a special part of his father which was collecting dust, into something useful and something he could literally and figuratively carry close to him for years to come.

Hearing how appreciative of what I was able to do for such a personal and special memory of his reminds me of why I love what I do. 👖 ❤️✨ Check out my backpack listing here! Feel free to reach out with any special project ideas!

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